CÚsar Juan Alfredo Barabino
CÚsar Juan Alfredo Barabino
NICK: Ill Colosso

NAME: CÚsar Juan Alfredo Barabino

BIRTHDATE: November 8th, 1982

LOCATION: Berazategui, Bs. As., Argentina

WEBSITE: Argentina Queen

SCHOOL/JOB: Student, triying to do something with webdesign.

INTERESTS: Collecting Queen/solo CDR bootlegs, play the guitar (on my dear BHM1!), i'm starting to compose music, and sports, specially soccer.

WHAT WAS THE FIRST QUEEN ALBUM YOU BOUGHT? Greatest Hits, just because I wanted to listen to We Are The Champions, and it was the 3rd cd i ever bought in my life (i didn't have a player before that)

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FAN OF QUEEN/BRIAN MAY? since 1990 maybe, when i was very little.

FAV. QUEEN ALBUM/S: A Night At The Opera, Innuendo, A Day At The Races, The Miracle, Jazz, News...

FAV. BRIAN MAY ALBUM/S: Back To The Light, but not too far there are AW and Starfleet

FAV. QUEEN/BRIAN MAY SONG/S: Queen: We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Millionaire Waltz, Dead On Time... Brian: Resurrection, Driven By You, On My Way Up, Sleepy Blues.

FAV. QUEEN/BRIAN MAY VIDEO/S: I Want To Break Free, Breakthru, The Show Must Go On, i sadly did not saw any Brian's video yet.

FAV. QUEEN/BRIAN MAY LYRIC/QUOTE: Simply this "Mamma Mia Mamma Mia ------ Mamma Mia let me go" if I somebody close to me says "Mamma Mia" i have a pressure in my brain that says "you have to say it" and then i shout "Mamma Mia let me go"...

QUEEN/BRIAN MAY CONCERTS ATTENDED: Sadly none, i was to young then, and AW and EF tours didn't came to America...


IF YOU COULD MEET BRIAN WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD SAY TO HIM? Thanks for making me happy every day and making me learn how to live.

IF YOU COULD HAVE BRIAN OVER FOR ONE DAY WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR THAT DAY? Try to help him to find some of the Happiness it seems he never had as he deserved it. But I would prefer that Brian could be me for a day, and go with my school partners and play something to kick theyre asses :-)

WHAT SONG WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO SEE BRIAN COVER? ? I'm not sure about the name of this 2 songs, one is very very very known, from 60' or 70', it says "Let's Dance" and then "didididi didi dididi" with some keyboard. The other one, i also don't know the name, but it's the one sung by the simpsons in one of their special "We Want Candy" or something


WHAT IS YOUR MUSICAL TALENT? I play the guitar and i'll start writing songs.

WHAT OTHER MUSIC DO YOU REALLY LIKE? Only a few classic songs, but not a group that i can like their work...

MAILING LISTS YOU ARE ON: Queenespanol (managed by me) and Mayniacs

MESSAGE FOR THE FANS: "Oh, for my fans? hehehe, just try to play loud every Queen song you have so anybody else can listen to it, and if it's a sukcer rock hater, better, so it will kick his ass."

MESSAGE TO BRIAN: "I wish you can have the same happiness in your life than all the one you gave me, helping me in bad moments, making me feel alive in good moments. Don't keep in mind you are just a rocker or the greatest guitar player in the world, try to think that you have a special power, that is helping and making people really happy. Not every rocker can say that... I'm not one of those fans that can dress like you or Freddie, or try to be same as you but I really learnt how to be a good person mostly thanks to you and your personality. Thanks a real lot."

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