White Queen
White Queen
NICK: White Queen

NAME: Sara

LOCATION: Jefferson City, MO, USA

SCHOOL/JOB: College Student, Photographer's Assistant, and oh yeah, I work at Target... blech!

INTERESTS: Brian, Music, Turtles, Writing, Ancient Egypt, Queen, Movies (specifically Gary Oldman and Russell Crowe movies hehe)


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FAN OF QUEEN/BRIAN MAY? 8 Years! Lovin every moment of it!!!

FAV. QUEEN ALBUM/S: Queen II, News of the World, A Day at the Races, Innuendo, Queen, etc etc.

FAV. BRIAN MAY ALBUM/S: Back to the Light, Another World, Live at the Brixton Academy

FAV. QUEEN/BRIAN MAY SONG/S: Some Day, One Day, Good Company, It's Late, Sleepin on the Sidewalk, Another World, Resurrection, Dead on Time, The Fairy Feller's Masterstroke, White Queen (as it began), Bring Back That Leroy Brown, The Night Comes Down, I'm Going Slightly Mad, Ride the Wild Wind, Gimme the Prize, Machines (Back to Humans), Sail Away Sweet Sister, Mad the Swine, Cyborg!!! I think you get the general idea :)

FAV. QUEEN/BRIAN MAY VIDEO/S: I'm Going Slightly Mad, Keep Yourself Alive, Any Live stuff:)

FAV. QUEEN/BRIAN MAY LYRIC/QUOTE: "Let the fire take our bodies this night, let the waters take our guilt in the tide." From "It's Late" "Chaos Karaoke" From "I'm Scared"

QUEEN/BRIAN MAY CONCERTS ATTENDED: unfortunately none... YET ehehehehehe


IF YOU COULD MEET BRIAN WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD SAY TO HIM? Knowing me, I'd probably cry, then thank him for having such a wonderful effect on my life:) Then, after the jaws of life dragged me away from hugging him, I'd ask to see ye olde Red Special of course:)

IF YOU COULD HAVE BRIAN OVER FOR ONE DAY WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR THAT DAY? Good question... lol Probably anything I could think of that sounded fun:)

WHAT SONG WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO SEE BRIAN COVER? Ghengis Khan by Iron Maiden, Sabbra Cadabra by Black Sabbath, House of the Rising Sun, The Idol by W.A.S.P., Jawbreaker by Judas Priest, and a few billion others:)

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE BRIAN COLLABORATE WITH IN THE FUTURE? A guitar supergroup, featuring Bri of course, along with KK Downing, Glenn Tipton, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads (resurrected for the purpose), Slash, Ritchie Blackmore, Angus Young and a few more I'm probably leaving out, but the most important ones are there:)

WHAT IS YOUR MUSICAL TALENT? drums, writing lyrics, I'm learning bass now, and singing (actually I think I was born to sing, as my birthday is a certain SEPTEMBER 5TH!!!)

YOUR WEBSITE: "Eyes of the World" at http://www.angelfire.com/bc/schnart/index.html Be sure to sign my guestbook!

WHAT OTHER MUSIC DO YOU REALLY LIKE? METAL!!! i.e. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society, Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, OzzY Osbourne, Bruce Dickinson, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC/DC... Also, I like UB40, 3 Foot of Grunts, classical music, esp. Beethoven, and swing music.

MAILING LISTS YOU ARE ON: Zakk Wylde Mailing List

MESSAGE FOR THE FANS: "I'm so glad I've found you all! I'm not the only one!! YAY!!!! For eight lonely years I've been preaching the gospel of Brian May to all these morons where I live and now FINALLY! I find more Mayniacs!!! :):) You guys all RULE!!!"

MESSAGE TO BRIAN: "You've effected me more profoundly than anyone else I can think of. Through all the tough times, your music has been there to offer me strength and solace when I feel I couldn't go on. I don't think words could truly express how much you mean to me, but even so, thank you so much for being there for me to find when I was 11 years old and totally lost. :) "

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